Jana Clark is a remarkable woman, and this is shone simply by here compassion. The heartfelt bedrock of protecting the lives of pre-born babies is embodied in the name of her Non-Profit Organization called BabyLove. It is simple and effective and can carry an important message at an important time in our lives. BabyLove has one goal: Start the conversation about life.

The rights of the baby are where Jana Clark’s efforts are focused, and a commitment to love the baby is at the core of her energy. Catching Jana coming off a flight, she was still able to rattle off the philosophy which tugs at logical heartstrings in anyone who will listen, and Jana realizes she needs to attract a larger audience, she also realizes the time is now, and 2020 public persona is ready to listen.

One of the critical planks is to remain “non-political” in a world that is hyper-political, it seems the entire country is divided like no other time in our history, except maybe the years prior to the civil war in the mid-1800s. The divide is so succinct that any shift in undecided (point to recent elections) voters, it shows that of the 120 million Americans who voted in the 2016 election are split exactly down the middle on a variety of issues – more than 150 years after the Civil War, Americans are again as divided as a nation can be.

It is refreshing to hear the energy of love for the pre-born baby, and Jana explained that when a contentious conversation is sparked, and a discussion ensues, her distinct and simple observations bring walls down and this highlights the advocacy for the baby in her BabyLove organization. Raising awareness gives the pre-born baby a voice. Jana also notes that she and her group are gathering support from other impactful and influential groups in the Pro-Life movement, and this flow has been so natural that her call to action rings constantly in her ears.

BabyLove and Jana Clark are on a mission, and at its core is a well thought out mission at a critical time. With little pretention or fanfare, Jana outlines the logic of the discussion and is preparing for a journey of awareness. It happens to many of us in our lives where we feel the call, and our lives work becomes clear, it is a unique sign form above when that light shines on you, and these moments are never confused or forgotten. Jana Clark and BabyLove are full of the energy of love for the baby, and embrace the soul of everyone when they articulate a deep love of life itself.

We know the right to life issue can automatically move the needle for many in the political realm, and remaining non-political is a big part of the mission, and we know Americans are barraged daily by messages telling them how they should think in a supercharged social media world of subtle messaging. But Jana and BabyLove are delivering a message straight to your sense of right and logic in a world of uncertainty, and it is rare when a movement finds a center or an oracle that can advance awareness when the time is right.